Explore the Connection Between Psychoactivity, Pleasure, and Spirituality in Raúl del Pino’s Provocative Book

Raúl del Pino’s book “MDMA, Sex and Tantra” delves into the connection between the psychoactive substance MDMA (ecstasy), sexuality, and tantric practices. The author explores how MDMA can amplify sensory and emotional experiences, proposing a framework for integrating it into sexual and spiritual practices, particularly within the context of tantra. Del Pino presents the history and chemistry of MDMA, its psychological and physical effects, and discusses how its use can influence the perception and practice of sex. Additionally, the book addresses potential risks and precautions associated with MDMA.

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The author dives into the philosophy of tantra, explaining its fundamentals and how it can be fused with experiences under the influence of MDMA. The similarities between tantric yoga and sex under the effects of this substance are discussed, offering a perspective on how MDMA can facilitate profound and transcendent sexual experiences, connecting people in unique and potentially therapeutic ways.


Del Pino skillfully weaves science, personal experience, and the ancient practices of tantra to present a captivating narrative. With chapters dedicated to practical, ethical, and spiritual aspects, the author guides us through a journey of personal and collective exploration. This work is not just a manual; it is an invitation to rethink the nature of our most intimate and sacred experiences, challenging the reader to open their minds and hearts to new forms of connection and transcendence.

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Amante del cannabis y especializado en el mundo de las sustancias psicoactivas. Escritor y psiconauta.